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How to help

Madame Sy went through a plight which no mother should – testifying in 2012 for her daughter in NY Supreme Court to keep her grandchild from being cut.  it was at that moment I understood the importance of community, education, and solidarity.

– I urge you to not stop here- please…Let’s come together and establish a Center, a safe Haven to end this Practice here in NYC. Please visit our current Center in Harlem – volunteer on Saturdays, help us write grants, bring any skills you are great at and lets eradicate female genital mutilation. So, If you are with the media- write about how much this world needs to end FGM and how people can join us, if you from our community- fight along side us by ending FGM in your family, if you are from outside our community- fight even harder to end FGM ! 

Spokesperson for the Campaign:

Ms. Ami Clarke: (646) 470-5196