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Mr. Assetou Sy, Founder and Executive Director of the first Malian Culture in the USA and its Finally Girls Matter universal campaign

The founder and Executive Director of the first Malian Culture in the USA and its of ‘Finally Girls Matter’ Campaign, Madame Assetou Sy, was inspired to start this organization after her own American experience with FGM, as she is quoted in saying “In our community in Mali, too many girls are cut, but when I emigrated to America I was able to protect my own daughter from this mutilation,” says activist Assetou Sy. “But when she got married right here in New York and gave birth to a girl, suddenly we realized that the problem had followed us here.” Out of her tragedy, she was determined to make sure no other family has to wage this fight to shield their girls alone, the Finally Girls Matter movement is organizing a celebration of progress, a respect for human rights and a safe haven, a safe place that brings international and local resources to eradicate FGM in our world by being vocal and hardworking.

Mrs. Sy arrived in the USA more than 30 years ago when both she and her husband were studying in Georgetown. From there, Mrs.Sy ventured in to the professional world of the franchise industry, peeking as one of the top managerial staff for the Reise company in New York city. Eventually, she and her husband opened up several private businesses and with their children growing up, decided to bring the most important aspects of their lives together, the Malian culture in America.

Today Mrs.Sy is the Executive Founder and Director of the Malian Cultural Center of New York, which holds a United Nations- NGO status, 501c3 org and has been recognized by the CIty of New York as a remarkable and dynamic organization bringing culture and education to the children of African heritage. Their legacy mission is to eradicate FGM in their lifetime. Their story ended well, but we need every else’s too as well.